My name is Andy Skiles.  This may sound vague, but I believe that I’m as insignificant and significant as context allows.  Attempting to define an organic life through a series of static events is severely limiting.  I learned this from someone I have learned to develop an immense respect and love for: myself.  I’ve spent a good deal of my life disliking who I was, trying to be someone else, and judging myself based on criteria that were firmly rooted in the affections and attention of others, not in following my passion or in having a purpose.  This has changed drastically in the last year, and even more so in the final months of 2012.

I am newly divorced.  I was not a great husband to my wife, nor a good keeper of my soul.  I was raised in chaos and with poor boundaries, and consciously estranged myself from my family.  I have felt alone most of my life and have had to subject myself and others to embarrassing lengths of destructive behavior throughout.  Fortunately, I have also somehow been the recipient of many gestures of friendship and acquaintance.  I have begun the process of healing myself, past transgressions, and hopefully through this, beginning to discover my purpose.  And I have done it without relying on religion or faith in doctrine or a higher power (per se).  I don’t expect it will be a smooth transition always.

This blog is an attempt to relay a static view of varying routes I travel in my mind, in my body, and in the world on this journey.  I’m pretty sure nothing about these routes are original, other than the fact I experienced them in the present moment, as myself.  And even then, that’s up for debate.  Hopefully, this will resonate with you, and you will continue to come back here and read once in a while. I believe there is nothing truly original, but that we continually re-discover what we’ve already known.  This is tricky, because I also believe we can decieve ourselves into corners.  The key is to question, keep an open mind, and DECIDE FOR YOURSELF what works best for YOU.

I ride bicycles.  I feel the wheel is an apt analogy for my posts.  Applying it in a way that is generalized,  we rotate through our daily routine; We grind against adversity;  We attempt to adjust or fix what damage has been done; We connect again with our path and with others.  We move.

Rotate. Grind. Adjust. Fix. Connect.


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